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Can Webninja pull images from multple folder locations or a url?

Hi, with the products displayed on our website, we would like to show pictures of each product. However we sell different brands, which means that the pictures will come from different locations.
Is it possible to have the software read the pictures from different locations?
Currently it reads the pictures from our server, but for instance, is it possible to read from a location such as a URL?

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Our software has to read the image locations from a local or network drive in one single folder - there's no ability to gather images from the Internet or a url.

Some of our other customers who segregate their original images by brand, or category etc. copy those into the folder they've assigned to us to use for web images.

It may even be possible to have your IT set up a batch file or script that copies all the images out of the sub folders and puts a copy of all those into the one folder you've designated for us to read from - so there's a few different options that way - however we're definitely limited to only one folder to read them from.

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