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Downloadable PDFS - how to name the files and where to save them


There are a number of different ways how downloadable PDFs can be named - but by default we have some standards - but these can be changed to suit your specific needs.


The naming convention of the PDF files is:

the product code+ a suffix for each type of file.
This way our system is able to match the file name to the product code of the product.

so eg: if the product code is 123abc
then the file name for data sheets would generally be: "123abc_ds.pdf"
Safety Sheet would be something like: 123abc_ss.pdf

If the product has any special characters that aren't compatible with file systems (eg. you can't use " ' " or "/" in file names in Windows) then you just need to replace the special character with a hyphen: "-" in the file name - eg, 123/abc as the product code would then need to be saved as a file name like:

If it makes it easier for you to name it something else - we just need you to tell us how you want the suffix to work - eg. that last one could also be "123abc_safety.pdf" if that makes more sense for you.
Just let our support team know!


This can be anywhere on your local server (or if you're using a cloud accounting application - then we can link to your google drive) we just need you to advise us which folder file path to import the files from



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