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How to check which products are still missing images


Adding images to your products can at times be a daunting task. Identifying which products are still missing images can be even harder to identify - so we've added some tools to assist you with making this part of the process a bit easier!


  1. You'll need to log into the CMS admin area of your site and go to your products list eg:mceclip1.png
    There you can see some products have images, others don't (based on the image icon in the list of products)

    But what if you want to just view the products that are missing images?

  2. Click on "Advanced Options" to the right of the search field:mceclip2.png
  3. Select 'No Image'

Now when you check the list - you'll see that only products missing images are shown, as indicated by the missing image icon to the right of the product name:



Now you can go through this list of products and start to work out which images you still have yet to apply to your products.

You can also identify the total number to help you estimate how much work is left, by scrolling to the bottom of the list and seeing the summary of total products in this filtered view:




You might have also noticed some other icons next to your products in the product list - if you see this icon next to the edit button: mceclip6.png 
that tells you the product has a description, so if it's missing you can easily identify which products you still need to add descriptions to.


Another icon you might see is: mceclip7.png
This identifies products that have a downloadable file (eg. PDF spec sheet or safety sheet etc).



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