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Web Ninja Connector Upgrade - April 2021



Your TLS needs some Love!

Your Web Ninja e-commerce Connector needs an upgrade. The Connector is the software service that connects your Web Ninja e-Commerce to your Accounting System.

The Web Ninja Connector is like the petrol in your car, you never see it but it’s super important to keep things moving.

Even technical folks are sometimes confused by product upgrades. Have you found yourself wondering exactly how it affects your business, and what you need to do to secure your Web Ninja eCommerce site and your customers’ payment information?

In this article, we answer some of the most common questions we hear about TLS 1.2 and how it could impact your Web Ninja eCommerce site. For a more in-depth look at what is involved in the process of updating your site for TLS 1.2, including the exact connections and systems involved, please watch the videos at the end of this article

#1. What exactly is TLS anyway?

TLS stands for “Transport Layer Security.” It is the security protocol that allows computers to communicate over the internet securely, without the transmissions being vulnerable to anyone they aren’t intended for. Without TLS, you wouldn’t be able to use your credit card on your Web Ninja eCommerce sites.

#2. Why Is TLS 1.2 necessary?

Due to several weaknesses found in TLS 1.0, many websites and internet services are now required to use TLS1.2. The latest PCI compliance standards require that any site accepting credit card payments use TLS 1.2. The time to upgrade is NOW.

#3. What are the consequences if I don’t upgrade to TLS 1.2?

First and foremost, your customer’s data is at risk. In the event of a data breach, consequences for not being PCI compliant can include fines and your merchant bank can terminate your ability to process credit cards.

Secondly, crucial functions on your website will stop working overtime as the services your website uses require TLS 1.2. This means that your payment processing will stop working by the end of 2021 if you don’t implement this upgrade.

#4. I updated our SSL certificate. Isn’t that good enough?

No. Your SSL certificate is only handled incoming traffic to your web server, it doesn’t address calls your web server is making to other services.

#5. What do I need to do to ensure that my site is compliant?

At a high level, you will need to ensure that the following is completed to make the Web Ninja connection compatible with TLS 1.2:

  1. Ensure .NET Framework Version 4.8 is installed (Server Re-Boot required)
  2. Uninstall Current Version of the Web Ninja Connector
  3. Install the latest Web Ninja Connector - Version

#6. Will we have to update our Web Ninja back office platform?

Nope - Simply update the connector and your Web Ninja platform.



STEP ONE - Install .Net Framework 4.8

Click on the RED link below and install .Net Framework 4.8

Dot Net 4.8 Download

During the installation process if you are already using Version 4.8 the install let's you know that you are currently running Version 4.8 and the upgrade is not required. (Pat yourself on the back and head to step 2)

If the upgrade is required then complete the upgrade process and re-boot the server at a convenient time for your users.


STEP TWO - Uninstall Web Ninja Connector

Here's Joel from Support with a quick how to video.


STEP THREE - Install the Latest Web Ninja Connector

Here's Joel from Support with a quick how to Video

You can download the latest Web Ninja Connector Software HERE



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