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Web Ninja Blog Module

This guide will take you through the basics of the standard blog module.

The blog module administration settings are found in left sidebar of the admin area.




Blog Posts

This section allows you to add new blog posts, manage comments, edit a blog post and delete a blog post.




Add New Blog Post

To create a new blog post, click on 'Add New Blog Post' and populate each field.

Blog Post Title: This is the title that shows in the blog list

Preview Image: You can load an image which will show on the blog list and individual blog post

Publish Date: This is the publish date shown on the blog post

Publish: Sets the blog post live. If this is un-ticked, the post is in draft mode

Allow Comments?: Allows customers to comment on the blog post

Category: Posts the blog to one or more categories. It's recommended that you create the categories first

Tags: Allows you to tag the post

Blurb: Displays on the blog list as a short blurb about the post

Long Description: This field is for a more detailed description that will only show on the individual blog post




Blog Categories

This section displays all the blog categories that have been created. You can also edit and delete categories on this page.




Add New Blog Category

To create a new blog category, click on 'Add New Blog Category' and insert the new category into the Category Title field.




The Finished Blog

To navigate to the blog list, just add this to the end of your domain name: /blog/list

For example, the link on the Web Ninja site would be www.webninja.com.au/blog/list


This takes you to your list of blog posts showing the images, blog titles, publish dates, categories and blurbs.






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