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Data isn't Syncing After Sync Software Upgrade/Install

If you have recently upgraded the software to the latest version, and if the images for products or categories etc aren't syncing, or orders aren't importing to your accounting, it might be because of how the Web Ninja Service is set up. 


To fix this, follow the below


1. Go to "Services" it's a Windows application



2. Scroll down to Web Ninja



3. Right-click and go to Properties



4. Go to the Log On tab. Then use a server login that has access to the image folders that the website is using. You may need your IT to assist you if you aren't able to log onto the service. 



5. Once you log onto the service, you will need to restart the service. Right-click and choose Start/Restart. 


6. Go to the sync page in the CMS and sync the images that have failed. If it turns green for success, then you've fixed it. If you are still getting an error. Then please contact Web Ninja Support. 


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