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Web Ninja Software Installation

This guide will take you through installing and setting up the Web Ninja software.

Note that the Web Ninja software must be set-up under a Windows environment and preferably on the same PC/Server as your accounting software.


Step 1: Download and Install the Web Ninja software

Go to this page here to download the latest version of the Web Ninja software: https://www.webninja.com.au/page/117/downloads#.UzuY2a2Sy-U


Use service version and note the release notes and requirements. The main point to take note of is that the installer requires .NET Framework 4.8 installed. Upon installing the software, the application will find, download and install version .NET Framework 4.8 if it isn't installed already. Once 4.8 is installed, the PC/Server will need a reboot.  After the reboot, click on the installer again to complete the installation of the Web Ninja application.


Step 2: Configure the Web Ninja Controller

The Web Ninja istallation will create a new directory located here: C:\Program Files (x86)\Web Ninja


Navigate to the folder and then open the application named 'WebNinjaController.exe'.




Configure it with the Host and Key that has been sent to you by your Web Ninja contact.




Run a test using the 'Test Connections in the bottom right of the window to make sure it can connect out. You will need port 80 open in the firewall to connect out.






Step 3: Set the Web Ninja Service to Log On as an Administrator

The Web Ninja service must be logged in with an administrator account to have full access to the database.


To configure the Web Ninja service, do the following:


1. Navigate to Services into the Windows search box



2. When Services appears in the results, click the link to load the list of services.

3. Scroll down and locate the 'Web Ninja' service.




4. Click on the Web Ninja service and then click 'Log On'. Select 'This account' and then Browse to an administrator account.  




Once you've established the administrator account, click 'Check Names' to select it.




5. After selecting an administrator account, enter the password for this account and then click Apply.




6. To complete the update, right click on the Web Ninja service and click Restart. If you get an error here, the password does not match the user account.




Step 4: Set the Web Ninja Service Recovery Actions

When installing the service in addition to entering the API Key and host you also need to set the properties of the service to restart following an error as per the screen short below.




Step 5: Configure the Connection

In this step you'll need to configure the connection to the accounting software's database. This step is dependant on the software so your Web Ninja contact will send you a separate guide for this.


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