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Ostendo API Set-up

This guide will take you through setting up the Ostendo API for the Web Ninja connection.


Step 1: Install the Ostendo API

First login to Ostendo with the Administrator account. You must use the administrator account to get access to the Ostendo API.


In the top left corner, click on 'File' then 'API Configuration'.


On the bottom left of the API Configuration pop up you will see an API Service drop down. Click and select install. If an error pops up, completely close ostendo, reopen it using “Run as Administrator” then do the process again.



Once it has been successfully installed, press OK and it will restart the api service.



Step 2: Configure the API Settings

Set the Service Port number. Your Web Ninja contact will require this for the connection. If you're not sure of the port numer, set it to 82 as this is a common service port number for Ostendo.


Also, on this screen, make sure the API service has been started.




Step 3: Configure a link to the Database File

Under Config 0 or Config 1, whichever is not in use, tick the 'Active' check box and the set the data path to the Ostendo fdb file. Your Web Ninja contact will need to know which config number you set this up with.


Once the data path is set, click OK to finish the set-up of this window.




Step 4: Set-up the API User

In the top left, again click on File, then API Service and then Api Security. Click 'Add' on the right and set the Developer name as 'Web Ninja', the Produc Name as 'Web NInja', and an expiry date way in the future. Also tick SQL Allowed. Then click Save to complete the set-up of the API user.



Once you have done this click API Key on the right, do url encode it. Copy the api key and send this to your Web Ninja contact.


Step 5: Send the Details to Web Ninja

Send the following details to your Web Ninja contact:

  • Port Number
  • API Key
  • Configuration Number






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