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CMS User Management


As a part of our continued commitment towards excellence and safeguarding your data, our elite ninja devs are continually reviewing and updating our security standards. As a part of this commitment, we've recently made it possible for you to create individual Admin users so your staff can have their own unique logins.

You'll also be required to enter a 2 Factor Authorisation (2FA) code once a day as well. You can read more about this update here: 2 Factor Authentication for Web Ninja

Please Note: As of 1 Dec, 2020 - you're now required to create at least one Administrator User login on your CMS which will disable the existing general site login.
To grant access to other staff, you'll need to create additional users for each staff - please follow the steps below.


You can manage your CMS users by clicking on the "Store" drop-down at the top right of your CMS, and selecting "Users".



You can find more detailed information about how the feature works (and what happens if you get locked out of your account) in the following videos (less than 90 seconds each).

PLEASE NOTE: The password generator used in the video above is built into a 3rd party browser extension called Last Pass. If you don't already use this or another similar password vault, you'll need to create your own password manually.

Webninja staff make use of this tool on a daily basis to ensure the utmost security is used in safeguarding our own business related passwords - you can find out more information here.




If you have staff change, or granted someone temporary access to your CMS (eg for SEO or content updating purposes) you can delete them once they no longer have need to access your site by clicking on the Remove button next to their user profile on the user's page:


You'll be prompted to confirm to ensure you don't accidentally delete someone.


Once deleted, the action is permanent and cannot be undone, however if you need them to continue to have access to the CMS, you can simply re-create their login again.



If you forget your password, or even if you remember it but you're locked out, please click on the Forgot Password? link on the Admin login page (..yourdomain/admin) to reset your password:


Enter your email address you used for your user login


Once you receive the password reset email:


click the link, and enter your new password:

Please note:
Your password needs to be longer than 7 characters, contain at least 1 uppercase letter, 1 lowercase letter, 1 number and 1 special character (!@#$%^&*()\-_=+{};:,<.>)

However in future updates we'll increase the minimum characters to 12 and possibly even as much as 16 characters - which is why we recommend using a password generator and password vault like Last Pass or similar so you can more easily manage the endless list of passwords that increasingly require more complicated passwords.


As an alternative to the forgotten password process, if one of your staff have a login with Administrator rights, they can manually change your password for you via the users' management screen (same as when you create a user).



  • Your email will now be your username
  • If your password no longer works, just follow the forgotten password process
  • Your CMS user login is separate to any logins you may have on the public facing side of the site, even if it's the same email address, so if you're trying to reset your password here: ..yourdomainurl/login - you're only going to reset the password for any logins you may have as a customer on the site, not as an admin. Please ensure you use the password reset here: ..yourdomainurl/admin



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