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Tag Images Set-up (Brand, Range etc.)

Tags are used to tag a product and push it to another page on the site. The most common example of this is a 'Shop by Brand' page on the site.


To set-up brand or tag images, locate the folder that your Web Ninja contact would have set-up with you, which should look something like this: \\WEBNNINJA\Common\A website 2020\photo folders\Brand Photos

All tag images must be a jpg or png image and be less than 1 megabyte in size.
Name the image the same as the image code found in the admin area under 'Tags'. Follow the guide below to find the image code in the Web Ninja admin area.
First click on 'Tags'.
Locate the tag. In this case, we have a Brands page on the site. Click on 'Values' to the right to see all the values that have been imported from a field in your accounting software.
Edit the individual tag name.

Click on the 'Images' tab to locate the Image Code. This is the name of the image that goes with this tag. You can drag your mouse over the code and hit control C to copy it. Then paste it into the image name for the jpg or png image that is used for this tag.

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