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Webninja's Amazon SSL Certificates - How to Authenticate Your Domain Via DNS


This guide will help you add the CNAME records to your Domain's DNS settings once a Web Ninja representative has sent the details to you. (If you haven't received this information - please follow-up with the Webninja representative who advised you about SSL Certificates - if you haven't spoken to anyone at Webninja about SSLs yet - please contact support to find out more information about what's required and what costs are involved).


When you receive the details for the two CNAME records from your Webninja representative, log into your domain control panel and navigate to the zone management window. Note that the zone management page may have a slightly different name in your control panel.

Add the two CNAME records paying strict attention to the Name and the Value.

In the screenshot below, the name goes into the 'Record Name' field and the value goes into the 'Destination' field. The destination field may be labelled as value or host in your control panel.

Be sure to copy the name and value exactly as they are, including the leading underscore, and make sure no changes are made to any existing records. You're adding these two CNAME records only.



Once you've completed this task notify your Web Ninja contact so they can track the changes as they propagate across the Internet.

Webninja will contact you to let you know once the Amazon SSL certificate is live across your site's pages.

As always - if at any point you're not sure on any of these points and you're unable to contact the Webninja Representative who contacted you about SSL - you can follow-up with Webninja's Support Team for an update.

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