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Managing and Editing Content Pages and Software Pages


Many pages on our system are customisable by you - and you can even add new pages for your own purposes to be used for any number of reasons (eg. you could create a promotions page where you highlight your current promotions and deals for the current month).

However our system also has a number of dynamically generated pages - such as the home page, the contact-us page etc. that has back-end scripting and software running live on the page.

While you can't directly affect the content of the dynamically generated content - you CAN edit and manage the content that shows up above the dynamic content via the Software Pages in the CMS.

Here's a video that covers some of the basics how to manage this content:



This video was only intended to give you a brief overview of what's possible - if there's content you're wanting to edit or update that you don't see covered here - please contact Webninja Support for further information and advice.


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