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Fishbowl order sync error: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it


In the CMS back-end of your site, you find that one or more orders have errored on the sync with the following error message:

No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it


There's often more information included with the error message than above, however the text above is the only relevant part to the core of the issue.

Where the error says:
the target machine actively refused...
the target machine is in reference to where the Fishbowl server is installed and running from.


The Fishbowl server is inaccessible to our software for a period of time - specifically at the time we attempted to sync those orders.  

The most common causes for this are:

  1. something has changed in your network so we can't access the Fishbowl server anymore
  2. something's altered the IP address related to the Fishbowl server
  3. your Fishbowl server is either locked up or disabled entirely at the time/s we tried to connect to it.


Please check your Fishbowl server is operational and running. You may even need to restart your Fishbowl server.
You may even find that by the time you're checking on it, it's already been restarted.

Once your Fishbowl server is back up and running, you'll need to re-sync the affected orders - possibly a couple tries, before it will sync through ok.

Failing all the steps above if you're still having issues, please lodge a support request with our Support Team and we'll happily assist you from that point!
Please be sure to keep your steps handy that you've tried so far up until this point as support will need to know this information.




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