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What to check if your recent price changes aren't showing online

Web Ninja caches prices for up to 24 hours to improve the load times on pages. 

Because we replicate the pricing from your accounting system, this means there's the potential for extensive database queries, which in turn can impede the performance of your site - and these days performance is key to staying ahead of your competition - so we do everything we can to assist with making your site load faster - the pricing cache is a part of this optimisation process.

However, if you ever notice recent price changes applied via your accounting system aren't being reflected on the site, one of the first things to check is the Price Cache. 

PLEASE NOTE: before checking the price cache - please first ensure the usual steps have been taken to put pricing online:
a) check that at least one sync has run since your pricing changes were applied via your accounting software
b) double-check the correct debtor account numbers are applied to your customer's online profiles - if they're missing the correct debtor account number, or if there's a typo in the account number, then the website can't correctly display the right account-specific pricing for that customer.

If you've exhausted those options and still getting the wrong price/s showing online - then you can look at clearing the price caching.

There are 3 ways to clear the Price Cache. 

  • All cached prices
  • Against just the Customer
  • Against just the Product

All Cached Prices

To clear all Cached prices stored in the system for your site:

  1. Go to the top menu and select: Sync -> Status from the drop-down menu.

  2. Then in the list of sync tasks, find the "Clear Price Cache" task and click on the clock icon to the right and select "Sync Now" (see the screenshot below).
    This can take up to 5 minutes to run.

Once it goes green, check to ensure your pricing changes are reflected. If they are not please contact support. 



Against the Customer

To clear the cached prices for a single customer:

  1. Edit the Customer in the Admin Area by clicking on "Customers"->Customers via the drop-down menu: 
  2. Click the "Utilities" tab then click "Clear Price Cache"


To check the customer's pricing, while editing the customer per above, you can click on the "Login As" tab, and click the button to login as that customer.

This will log you into the website as if you're that customer without needing to know their personal password. You can then browse the website and double-check that their specific pricing is now correctly reflected on the website. If it's not - please double-check that they have the correct debtor account number assigned to their online profile (you can review this information via the General tab in the screenshot above). If the pricing is still incorrect - please contact Webninja Support.

Against the Product

To clear the cached prices for a single product:

  1. Edit the Product in the Admin Area: Click on Products -> Products via the drop-down:

  2. Search for your product via the search box, and click on the product code or the edit button to edit the specific product.
  3. Click the "Utilities" tab then click Clear Price Cache

    Once the product's caching has been cleared, you'll see a notification on the page like this:mceclip6.png

As above with the customer specific pricing- please double-check the product's pricing is now showing correctly on the website.

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