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How do Quotes work?

Your site may have the option for users to submit quote requests. This article will go over how a quote request is submitted, how a user can view their quote and how quotes can be modified and approved in the admin area of your site. 

Submitting a Quote 

Users can add products to a quote request one or two ways depending on your site configuration. Adding the first product to a quote will automatically create the quote.

  1. A user can add multiple items to their cart and then from the cart page instead of progressing the order they can choose to request a quote. 
  2. In some cases your site may also allow users to add a product to a quote request directly from the cart page. configured products can be added to the current quote directly from the product detail page by clicking on the "Add to Quote" button. 

When the user is ready to submit their quote they can navigate to the Current Quote page. They can do this from the My Account Page.

From the Current Quote page, the user can adjust quantities, remove items, print the quote and when they are ready they can submit the quote using the send button. 

After a Quote is Submitted

Once a quote request is submitted it can no longer be modified by the customers, although it can be removed. Both the customer and the site owner (order email in admin) will receive an email notifying them of the quote being submitted. 

You can at this point view the quote in the admin area of the site by selecting the Quotes option in the left-hand navigation menu. 
From here you select the quote and can then add items, modify item quantities and price and add a reference number. Once you are happy with the quote you can approve it from the quotes list. 


Once a quote is approved the customer can then access it via their "My Account" page and choose to either remove it or order based off it. At this point the customer will no longer be able to modify the quote quantities or prices, if changes are required they will need to go through the above process again with a new quote.  


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