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How to upload a PDF and link it on a content page

The first thing to know is the PDF file size limit: 10MB.
If your file is above 10MB, you can use a 3rd-party PDF compressor to reduce the size of your PDFs, or at the time that you save the PDF - there are often settings that allow you to control image compression in the PDF.  

To upload your PDF, you will need to be logged into the CMS/admin area:

  1. go to the File Manager, you can find this by looking at the left-hand menu under Content, and then going to Files

  2. Once in the File Manager upload the new file by clicking the blue button — Upload New File — and choose the file from your computer to upload.

  3. Once the file has been uploaded you can now link to it on content pages.
    Go to the page that you want to upload the file to.

  4. If you want the PDF to be linked to text — then enter the text for the link — and then highlight the text. If linking a PDF from an image, click on the image to highlight it.
    Then, click on the link icon in the text editor (see below image)

  5. Then click on the Folder search icon (see image)

  6. Select the link type as Website Files

  7. Then select the file that you uploaded


Then you can save it, and then when customers view it on the front end of the site, it will open up the PDF on the same tab. If you want it to open the PDF on a new tab, you can select the Target to New Window (see attached)


Click Ok, and then save the page, and it will open the PDF you have uploaded. 


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