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MYOB Account Right Live error on order sync


An order has errored and shows with a red background in your orders list in the Webninja CMS backend admin area.
When you open the order to review it's details - there's an error in a red bar above the order that says the following:
Sync error: An Update operation requires the latest RowVersion for each of the existing entities being modified


Unfortunately this is a bit of a vague error message that doesn't clearly explain what's actually happened.

All it really means is that at the time we attempted to sync the order to your Accountright Live (ARL) - something interrupted our ability to add to your ARL database - most likely an update or change was being made in your ARL at that exact same time (eg. someone logged into ARL was updating a product or an account or creating an order as well - there's no way to know exactly what was being done at that time, just that there was a conflict at the time we attempted to sync the order).


All you need to do to resolve it is to attempt to resync  it again as it's fairly unlikely you'll run into the same issue consecutively.

PLEASE NOTE: this doesn't mean you won't encounter this issue again in the future as we have no control over what's happening at ARL's end when we attempt to sync orders to it.

To resync an order - please follow the steps outlined in this article:

My order didn't import into my Accounting package


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