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Error on Fishbowl Orders Sync: Failed Understanding Data Response


When attempting to sync an order to Fishbowl, you encounter error that highlights the order in red in the Orders List view with the following error message when you review the order details:

Failed understanding Data Response: {"FbiJson":{"Ticket":{"Key":"1ad03b8e-2410-401b-bf7a-fb7a71c37966"},"FbiMsgsRs":{"statusCode":1130}}}



This error, as ambiguous as it is, is advising that the maximum # of user licenses are logged into the Fishbowl server at the time of attempting to sync the order.


You'll need to check the fishbowl server running on your network to see which users and how many are logged into your Fishbowl. Before running another sync - you'll need to log-out enough users from your Fishbowl to allow at least one free user login per the maximum number of user licenses you have on your Fishbowl account.

Once a license is free, you'll need to reset the order to "pending" status and re-sync it.
For further details how to do this please refer to the following article:

How to Resync an order




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