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Ostendo Order Sync Error: "NOSUCHLOOKUPVALUE"


When you attempt to sync an order to Ostendo, but the order shows up as red in the orders list - when you open the order to review the details you find an error message that says:

104 NOSUCHLOOKUPVALUE There is no such No Such 


where it says "XYZ" above - you'll see something more specific to your site and/or your customer's order. The reference "RESOURCENAME" is actually referring to a Sales Rep in the Ostendo database - so the error message is saying that it can't match the sales rep assigned to the order, with an existing sales rep in the Ostendo database.


Double-check the spelling of the Sales Rep in the error - and make sure it's not simply due to a typo - if it is, you'll need to fix it in the Webninja CMS settings:

  1. Click on the "Orders" menu at the top
  2. in the drop-down - select "Settings"

You'll see these settings:

If this is configured with a specific sales person - you'll need to double-check the sales person is correctly selected here and spelled correctly.

If so - then please check the Ostendo database and make sure the corresponding sales rep is spelled correctly there.

PLEASE NOTE: these are case sensitive


Once fixed-up - you can re-sync the order again.
Failing all these steps - please follow-up with Webninja's Support team and we can assist you further.


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