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Error on sync to Exonet: Syntax error or access violation


When Attempting to sync an order into MYOB Exonet, the following error comes back on the online order:

ERROR [42000] [Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver]Syntax error or access violation


This error is usually isolated to just one debtor.  There can be multiple reasons for the cause as listed below.


Any time there's an issue with an order syncing, even if there are errors - it's best to try to
re-sync the order first before attempting any of the other steps below.


  1. The most common cause is due to data entry issues - where the online account number doesn't match an existing active account number in Exonet. Please double-check the customer's account in Exonet and make sure the online customer's account number matches exactly.

  2. If the account number is correct online - check the debtor's account in your Exonet, ensure it's active, doesn't have any stop credits etc.

  3. If #1 and #2 are all good - please follow-up with your Exonet partner to have them review the data for that debtor, check for any possible triggers that may happen when an order is created for the debtor, any possible pop-ups that may happen at time of creating an order etc.

The error is initiated by Exonet at the time we try to insert the order into Exonet's database.



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