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Google Maps API for Stockists Search

In order to calculate the distance from a suburb or post code to your stockists, you need to use a service google provides via their maps tools.


NOTE: Webninja used to be able to provide this on behalf of our customers - however google implemented restrictions that no longer make this possible, so now a google account needs to be set up on a per customer basis - and as it requires a google billing account, we can't set this up for you.


To get started, go here and login with your Google account: https://console.developers.google.com


Create a new project.


After you created a new project you'll need to add a new billing account.
NOTE: Google allows up to 40,000 searches a month (approximately 1300 a day) without charging you, but they still need you to create a billing account:



If you have an existing billing account, select the option to link a billing account, otherwise click on "Manage Billing Accounts" then create a new  billing account:

Once you've created the billing account and assigned it to the project, you'll need to create an API (click on the top-left menu and choose the following option):



Select "Enable APIs and Services"



You'll be presented with an overwhelming list of APIs to choose from - but don't worry....mceclip6.png


Just type in the search box geocoding and select the following option:



Select it and on the following page, click on the Enable button:


NOTE: you'll see pricing info on this page which may appear to contradict the notes above - however you'll notice in Google's fine print they say they allow you USD $200 per month for free



In your list of API's, click on the one you just enabled Geocoding API:

Click in the menu and select API > Credentials:



Click on the +Create Credential option at the top, then click on API key:


You'll be shown a screen like this with your actual API key in the box:

Copy it - and send it to Webninja support to have added to your Stockists settings










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