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Promotions Module - Guide


This guide will walk you through the steps required for setting up new promotions, how to configure and edit them, as well as best practices and what limitations to be aware of.

NOTE: if you don't currently have the Promotions Module installed on your site - please enquire with Webninja Sales team or via Webninja's Support team: support@webninja.com.au
and we can advise you on availability on your site and what's involved in adding it to your site along with a quote for the work.


Log into the CMS Admin of the website.

Click on the "Modules" menu at the top right, in the drop-down menu select "Promotions"

This will open the Promotions management page:


CONDITION: If anyone meets the condition setup they will get the reward that is set up on the same promotion. You can choose a product, cart total or category. 


Product condition, a product user field will have to be created for flagging the products. Add the quantity for how many they need to buy.

Cart total condition, if they reach or go higher than the cart total then they get the reward.

Category condition, they will need to buy at least one product from the category that you flag with a category user field. 


REWARD: This is the reward that the customer gets for meeting the condition.


Bonus product reward, you would place the product code in the field and this product will show up in the cart.

Cart discount reward, you can choose a percentage discount or a dollar amount. Again the percentage discount will only work if there is no customer restriction.

Product discount reward, this can be set as a dollar value or a percentage. If you are restricting customers only dollar value will work.

Shipping discount reward, this can be set as a dollar value or a percentage.




Customer type restriction, you can restrict coupons to certain customer types.

Field value restriction, you can restrict by an account number or a user field on customers.



Scenarios that won't work with the promo module are percentage discounts as the reward when restricting products and categories, there were too many factors to consider so it was not feasible for us to include it.

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