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How to setup the advanced shipping tables

With the Advanced shipping manager you can set up different freight costs by

  • Cart total
  • Postcode
  • Total weight
  • Cubic volume
  • Customer account number
  • Country
  • Customer type


Below are the rules and a guide of how the tables could be set up.


From the start:

When you first create your advanced shipping table rule, it will require you to fill in Name, Description and Primary Conditions.


Name and Description will be the text shown on the checkout. E.g. 

Setting up the Primary Condition:

When setting this up, you want it to be able to reach the broadest amount of customers with the end goal of the shipping pricing in mind. The primary condition is usually the postcode range or customer type. See image below for how the rule should look. Postcode has to be set up with "in" selection. If you want to set the rule by customer type, it has to be the code of the customer type. You will have to ask support or your project manager to see the code list of the customer types if you don't know the codes.


Setting up Sub-rules:

This is where you want to define the exact criteria and set the price.

Below is one example of how the sub rules can be configured.


Tip: If you are setting a rule for the country, it has to be the country code, AU, NZ for example. 


Checkout Results:

If you have more than one shipping table that reaches a customer. It will display the top table when viewing the shipping tables in the CMS. You can switch the order by clicking on the up and down arrows next to the edit button. If you have a preferred table you want the customer to use then make sure it is higher in the CMS page than the other tables.


Youtube Instructions:


If you are having an issue setting up the shipping rules or any questions, create a ticket and Web Ninja's support will be able to assist you.

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