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Tencia ODBC Driver Set-up

This guide will take you through the ODBC driver set-up to allow the Web Ninja connection to the Tencia database.


First, locate the 32 bit ODBC Data Source Administrator by navigating here:



Create a new data source under the System DSN.



Select 'Add' and then scroll down and select 'SQL Server' and then click 'Finish.'



Name the data source 'wn_tn' and then select the Server that the Tencia database is installed on. Note that if it does not appear in the Server drop down menu, you may need to type it in.



Select 'With SQL Server Authentication using a login ID and password entered by the user.' and enter the system administrator (sa) login ID and password, then click 'Next'.



Next, tick the 'Change the default database to:' check box and then select the Tencia database from the drop down menu. This should be the live database.


Click next to complete the window.



Click next to complete the window.



Finally, click 'Finish' and then click 'Test Data Source'. If you have configured the ODBC Driver correctly, you should see the window as shown in the screen shot below. Click 'OK' to complete the driver set-up.



Pass the ODBC driver name (if different to wn_tn), sa username and password onto your Web Ninja contact so they can complete the configuration set-up in the Web Ninja control panel.

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