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Credit Card & Payment Gateway Surcharges


Web Ninja has thoroughly investigated the options for applying credit card surcharges at the time of checkout and have come to the conclusion it's simply not feasible to implement within our system.

The RBA have published guidelines and regulations about what's acceptable and not acceptable regarding what surcharges are allowed based on merchant account fees on credit card and debit card transactions. Please review the information and links below regarding this topic.


RBA pages that cover these topics can be found here:


Why doesn't Web Ninja have an option for applying a surcharge on merchant account transactions?

Unlike most online shopping carts, the Web Ninja platform was designed primarily with B2B functionality in mind - with the primary functionality is that we integrate with offline and a handful of cloud accounting systems for the purposes of working with existing stock management so you don't have to reinvent the wheel and double-handle data for stock and product management.

As such - we integrate with over 15 accounting packages, each one has their own special way of dealing with pricing, we integrate with special pricing rules, price levels - we have to account for coupons, gift vouchers, some customers' product prices have GST built in, others have pricing ex GST and then add GST onto it. In addition, we integrate with numerous payment gateways - all of which have their own rules and methods in how they allow us to communicate and send pricing data.



With all these factors compounded - we'd need to account for each and every possible permutation to be able to apply a surcharge - at this point, the possible variances are almost infinite - making this simply not feasible to implement no matter how many hours we'd apply our dev team to implement it.

On the RBA website - look for the heading regarding How can I avoid paying a surcharge?
This covers incorporating the surcharge into the cost of the products - otherwise providing other alternative payment methods that don't incur a fee

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