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What Determines Search Results?


When I type in a search with a few words - how come some results show higher than others?



The way the search works — it'll put more "weight"/priority on search results that match the exact words you're searching for. 
Eg. if you search Red Dog Blanket — the first results will match all 3 words.

Then it'll display second to that — results that contain some of the keywords you're searching for — but not necessarily all of them. 
So in the example above — if some products have "red" and "dog" in their names and descriptions — but not "blanket" — then they'll display secondary to whole phrase matches.

HOWEVER: If an item has more instances of the same keyword in its description — it'll be ranked higher.

Eg. if you have a product that has the word "blanket" listed 3x in its name and description — it'll show up higher in the results than another product with "blanket" only listed once in its name and description.

Lastly, further results will be displayed that match only single words out of all the keywords you've searched — so eg. products that have ONLY "red" or ONLY "blanket" etc.


PLEASE NOTE: as Web Ninja has allowed for quite a few customisations on several sites we host, everyone's individual results may vary a bit, especially as some sites use far more fields for keyword results than just the product name, product number and description.

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