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1 Aug 2016 - Web Server DNS/ Access Issues

1 Aug 2016 | 8:00am

1 Aug 2016 8am(EDST) We're currently experiencing network/DNS issues with our non-Amazon hosted sites:
CRM Server

Our developers are working urgently with the server teams to resolve this asap.

1 Aug 2016 | 9:30am

The server team is still urgently investigating this issue - next update @ 10am AEST

1 Aug 2016 | 10:03am

Continued DNS (Domain Name Server) issues are still preventing most traffic from reaching the affected websites on the above servers and the web server team are still working on this.

1 Aug 2016 | 10:45am

DNS services appear to have returned to normal and we're starting to see an increase in traffic on all affected sites. We're continuing to monitor services for any further related issues.

NOTE: you and your customers may need to reload your website in the browser using CTRL+F5 or else clear your browser's history/cache to see the website return to normal.

1 Aug 2016 | 11:01am


There appear to be further issues with the DNS servers timing out on occasion.
If you reload or refresh the webpage, it will generally load.

We're still looking into these ongoing incidents.

1 Aug 2016 | 12:00pm


Still getting a few intermittent reports of server timeouts briefly, but a quick refresh of the browser has resolved those incidents - we expect incidents like this to become fewer through the afternoon. We'll keep monitoring through the early afternoon.

1 Aug 2016 | 1:05pm


We haven't had any further reports of incidents. 

1 Aug 2016 | 2:45pm


This is now resolved and no further reports of issues from affected sites.

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