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How do I Add/ Remove or Change my categories?

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This article relates to Webninja's default category configuration on both our current and previous generation systems.
Aside from a few special circumstances on a handful of our heavily customised sites, the majority of Webninja's websites control the categories via the products assigned to those categories.

To make any changes to an existing category or add a new one - you just need to change the category that's assigned to the product/s in question.

This may seem counter-intuitive vs. editing the category directly - however the intention is to give you the power to control your categories and products via your accounting software directly rather than via the online CMS system.

To remove a category entirely, you need to remove all products in that category, or assign all products in that category to other categories.

 Example - you want to remove "Category 1" from the website:

Category 1 has 2 products in it:

  • prod1
  • prod2

Category 2 has 1 product in it:

  • prod3

To remove Category 1 - you can either remove prod1 and prod2 from being web enabled,


you can assign prod1 and prod2 to Category 2 - which would look like this:

Category 2

  • prod1
  • prod2
  • prod3

Category 1 would cease to exist as there are no longer any products in it.

To change Category 1's name to "Category 3" - you would:

assign prod1 and prod2 to Category 3

Category 1 would cease to exist and Category 3 would replace it.


NOTE: There are always exceptions to every rule and if you really absolutely need to control categories via another method or via Webninja's online CMS - Webninja can assist you with finding the best solution for your needs - please contact Webninja Support for further help.

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