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How do I configure payment method restrictions based on customer types/credit terms?

A neat feature we have available to our customers are payment restrictions on different customer types. Let's take a look how we can configure these:

Configuring payment methods for customer types

1. Login to the admin area

2. On the left hand side, navigate to Payment Methods under the Configuration menu

3. Expand the payment method you wish to configure by clicking on the name.

4. Select the customer types the payment method should be available to.

5. If you would like all customer types to see a particular payment restriction, you only need to tick the No Restriction box.

6. Click Save.

Configuring payment methods for Credit Terms:

You can also set restrictions based on credit terms which will have tick boxes you can select for each of your credit terms available in your Accounting software:


As per the screenshot above - you can also have combinations of credit terms and customer types as well - or depending on how your site is configured - you may only have one set of tick boxes or the other.

If you need credit term restrictions enabled - please contact support so we can assist you with activating that option.


If you've recently added a new credit term to your accounting software and your customers assigned to that credit term are unable to checkout due to missing payment methods at the checkout - there's a very good chance you haven't yet ticked the box on the credit term for that payment method.

Please make sure all the relevant credit terms and customer types (if applicable) are ticked-on for any payment methods that were missing for your customers, and they should then be able to checkout after that.

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