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Customer Upload from Exo using

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These instructions are only relevant to customers using Webninja's Current Generation CMS and sync software


Step 1 - Find the appropriate Debtor in Exo

Step 2 - Navigate to the Extra Fields tab on the Debtor and ensure the “Upload to Web” tick box in ticked

Step 3 - Go to the Contacts Tab and open the Contact you want to use for the website


Ensure the Contact has an Email address (this will be used as the login for the site, and also where the email invitation to use the site will be sent to)

Go to the Extra fields tab and tick the tick box for “Web Contact”

Make sure you SAVE and EXIT on the CONTACT AND THE DEBTOR

The next time the software sync’s this customer account will be created on the website and the customer will be auto-emailed the invitation which includes the URL to the site, their login and password.



  1. Make sure you have checked and updated the email content before doing your customer upload
  2. If you ever want to resend the invite, you can simply delete the customer from the website Admin and allow the software to resync
  3. To force the software to sync customers straight away. Go to SYNC -> STATUS and restart the customer sync on the list

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