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What version of the Web Ninja Syncronisation Software do I have?

Over the years Web Ninja have released a few different versions of both the syncing software as well as refreshed the administration/dashboard area.

Depending on which version of each you are running - you may have different features available to you and therefore may need to reference different Knowledge Base articles for support and guidance.

Below is a guide to help you identify which version of the syncing software you are currently using. For information on which version of the administration/dashboard area you are currently using please refer to the CMS Admin Article.

For more specific information on how to use and operate your syncing software please refer to the relevant knowledge base articles.


Current Generation

There are two variations of the current Web Ninja Syncing Software. Which one you are using will depend on your requirements and also the requirements of your accounting software package.

See below examples of how to determine which version of the current software you are running.

1) Web Ninja - Windows Service Application

Below you will find a sample screen shot of what you will see if you are running this version of the software. 

Running the sync software as a Windows service on your server means it can be run regardless of any one particular user being logged into your server and can run 24/7.



2) Web Ninja - Windows Desktop Application

This performs the same tasks and functionality as the Service option - but has to be left open running on the desktop. Certain Accounting packages require this version still.

If you need to login daily and see the below sample shot. Then you are running this version of the current software. 


Second Generation

This software was primarily used with websites created between 2011 and early 2014. There are a handful of websites created after mid 2014 that required this software.

If you see the below desktop icon, you are running the Second Generation Software.  


Note: One of the obvious differences between this software and the current generation is that this software is required to be left running on either a server's desktop or a staff member's desktop and can either be auto synced or you can also manually import and sync the software.


First Generation


This software looks almost identical to the 2nd generation except for a few minor differences.

1. The software is usually version 1.0015c or older. You can check this by referring to the setting menu. 

2. The desktop shortcut is a globe icon instead of a Ninja icon.

Note: There are approximately only 4 sites still using this software.


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