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CSV Download/Upload

Your site may now have the option to download and upload product data on the fly. This means rather than relying on a location to store CSV file on your server, you can download it to your machine, make changes and upload it again in minutes.

Download the CSV file to your machine

1. Login to the admin area

2. Select Product CSV on the left hand menu

3. Select the Export CSV button

4. The CSV File is downloaded to your local computer

5. You can now open the CSV on your computer and make amendments to the additional user fields. 

NOTE: Do not amend the first two columns of the spreadsheet, these are required when uploading the data backup to the site.

Do not add or remove any rows, as the row data is sourced from your accounting packages in most cases. 

When saving the csv, ensure you Save As a csv file to ensure it's in the correct file format for re-uploading.

Uploading the CSV

1. Login to the admin area (if you aren't already logged in)

2. Select Product CSV on the left hand menu

3. Select the Browse button on Windows or Choose File button on Mac to navigate to your local computer

4. Select the CSV file that you've made changes to

5. Click the Upload button to upload the file to the site

6. You should see a green notification box stating that a number of products have upload correctly. If you see 0 products uploaded correctly the upload hasn't completed. This is most likely the file format. Check in the notes section above to ensure it's a CSV file you are uploading.

7. Your product data is now updated.


Important Note: This article may only apply to users on the current generation Web Ninja Administration Dashboard. If you are unsure which version you are using please refer to KB article 21920147 for guidance.

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