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How do I sort products?

Many customers wish to sort their products in a certain order, perhaps to push the more popular products up to the list or highlight certain lines.

This can be setup in a number of ways, but today we will focus on controlling this through the admin area.

The sort order can be set via userfield and will display in the correct order inside each category. It's a good idea to navigate to the product listing page of the category you'd like to set a product sort order for.

Edit the sort order field

1. Login to the admin area

2. Navigate to Categories/Products > Products on the left hand menu.

3. Select the product (or search) you'd like to add a sort on.

4. Click the Additional Fields tab

5. Navigate to the Product Sort Order field (Note: your field may have a slightly different name.)

6. Enter the value of the sort order for this product. It's easiest to utilise a numeric method 01, 02 etc. If you have more than 100 products in the category, ensure you allow 3 numerals 001, 002. Note: Any products in the category without a sort order will automatically float to the top.

7. Click Save

8. Run a sync through the Sync > Status screen.

9. The order should be adjust to the sorting you have set.

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