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Old Address Still Shows Up on an Order

Who does this apply to?
Any of Webninja's integrated web shops.
This will primarily pertain to you if you're a B2B company who has an established working relationship with your customers and you're familiar with their details as they order regularly from you.       


You receive an order with an old delivery address or old contact name for your customer, yet when you inspect their details in the CMS - you can see all the name and address details match the current contact details for your customer.



In most instances, (unless you've specifically requested we disable this feature) your customers can add multiple address book entries that they can choose from when checking out.
If a contact has left and their details have been updated with a new customer contact via the CMS Customer Admin - the original address book entries still remain stored against that user's login.



Your customer can log in and go to My Account and click on the "View or change entries in my address book" to edit, add or delete address entries.




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