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How do i embed a video as an iframe?

You can embed videos into pages and blocks on your website. The CMS supports most types of media however we recommend using YouTube or Vimeo

The example provided is based on using YouTube

1. Upload your file to YouTube

2. Click on the Share and select the second option Embed. Copy the code as shown in the example below

3. Go to the page or block and click on where you want to add the video. Select the video icon from the editor or click on INSERT / INSERT VIDEO


4. Click on the EMBED tab and paste the code into the provided field. Click OK

5. You will now see the that the video is showing on that page in the CMS

6. You can edit the video dimensions by clicking on it and then on the video icon

7. View the page to see how the video will look on your site


How do i embed a video?


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