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Permits in Attache - How do they work?

If your site is configured to utilise permits you can apply the permit rules you've set in Attache onto the website. Let's take a look how it works.

Setting permit restrictions in Attache

1. Permits details are stored against the customer and then products are flagged if they require a valid permit.

2. In Attache edit the customer masterfile and page down to the permit area as below

3. For permit restrictions to be valid the permit must be sighted, a permit number must be in the Permit Number field and the Permit Expiry Date must be valid.

4. Save the data in Attache

How do I flag a product as requiring a permit?

1. Open the product in Attache you'd like to require a valid permit for

2. On the first page on the maintain screen you'll see the Permit req'd checkbox

3. Check it

4. Accept the changes

How do I apply the changes?

1. If the customer has been flagged for the web or has an existing linked account, the details will update on the next sync and apply automatically

2. If the product is flagged as requiring a permit, the next sync will update this rule onto the site

3. When a customer is not logged in, or doesn't have the valid permit information against their account, they will see the following message on the product:

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