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How do I add a new menu option to the site?

You can add edit and remove menu options to the navigation bar and footer menus as required. 

1. Login to the admin area

2. Select Content > Menu Manager on the left hand menus

3. Click the View Menu Items of the menu you'd like to change.

4. Main Menu (Top) is the top menu, Customer Service and Our Company are in the footer

5. Here you can add a new menu item by clicking the Add New Menu Item button.

6. The next screen is where you enter the link name and details.

Menu - leave the current setting (you've already clicked on the menu you want to change in the previous screen)

Parent Menu item - If you want to create a drop down menu item, make a selection from this list. They options will include the menus that are currently on the site. (If you don't want it to be a dropdown, leave this option as is)

Who Can See This - Just like on our pages, we can hide certain menus from logged in/logged out customers or a certain customer type. If you want no restrictions ie every one can see the menu, leave it as is

Label - this is where we enter the actual text on the label

7. The bottom section is where we decide where the user will be taken when they click on the link

8. From the Link Type drop down select either Software Controlled Pages or Website Pages. In our case we want to send the link to the contact us page, which is a software page.

9. Once we've selected the software controlled pages option, a new menu has appeared allowing us to select the page we want to link to. I've selected Contact Us

10. The Target option allows you to open in the same window (most links use this). The other option is Open in new window and will open up the link into a brand new window. This is handy for PDF's and documents.

11. Once you've selected the options, click the Add Menu Item button to save your link

12. It's now been added to the other links in the list. From here you can rearrange the order if required.




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