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How do I add a new page?

You can add new pages to your site directly through the admin area. Let's take a look how to do this:


How do I add a new page?

1. Login to the admin area

2. Click the Content > New Pages link on the left hand side menu

3. Click the Add New Page button 

4. You are taken to the Add Page page

5. In the Name field, enter the name you'd like to use for internal use. This is not displayed on the live site at all.

6. In the Title field, enter the name you'd like to use as the page title. This is something the customer can see in the tab of your browser. It's important for SEO and Google's Indexing of your site, so ensure it's descriptive

7. Under Who can see this page select No Restriction to allow all users to see the page. If you'd like to restrict it to certain customer types or logged in/logged out customers, select another option from the drop down.

8. Now add what content you'd like to the page directly

9. Once you've added your content, click Create Page

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