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How do i setup images for products using Ostendo Colour/ Size/ Grade variants?

This article will provide information on how you need to setup your product images when using variants (colour/size/style) with Ostendo's inventory tracking system.

Your images must have the following naming convention

product code-colour-size-grade. If a product doesn't have all variants you must still include all dashes (-) in the name.

For example

  • If there is no colour then the image must be named code--size-grade
  • If there is no size then the image must be named code-colour--grade
  • If there is no grade then the image must be named code-colour-size--
  • If there is only colour and no size or grade then it would be named code-colour--

In the example below there are 4 different images loaded for the product group. It only has a colour variant and therefore the images are named accordingly

code-colour-- (0773-Black--)


These images then display on the site as shown below

All images MUST be jpg files and be saved in the designated folder on your server/PC

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