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Adding Grouped Product Data [Custom Feature]

If you have the grouped product module installed you have the ability to group products together that are essentially the same product, but come in different colours and sizes. 

This is a really useful feature for your customers that can cut down the amount of products displaying on the site, and make ordering a much quicker process. 

Your setup

Although the concept works the same for most customers, there are a few ways where we can add the data, depending on your Accounting package and the type of integration you have.

We will be focusing on the product data being saved directly in the product admin area, but you may have a different setup. So please adjust some of these steps as required.


Adding your data

1. Login to the admin area

2. Select Products/Categories > Products

3. Select one of the products that you'd like to add to the group (you may need to search for the product code)

4. On the product page, select the Additional Fields tab

5. You will see a Group Name field and some product attribute fields. In this case we have Colour and Size


6. The group name will need to be EXACTLY the same across all the products in the particular group you are creating. (including spacing and spelling) Note: the Group Name becomes the new product name for the group.

7. In Colour enter the colour for this product (if applicable)

8. In Size enter the size for this product (if applicable)

9. Save the changes.

10. Once you have done this for at least two products the product will then display as either a drop down or a group list, depending on your template setup.

Group List Example


Group Dropdown Example

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