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Manual Category Management - How to Assign Products to Categories

Who is this for? If your site is setup to control categories manually via the CMS Admin area, all the changes can be managed directly in the admin area.
If however, you manage categories directly via the sync from your accounting system - this article won't be relevant for you.

There are a few steps in this, so let's get into it:

Add a new category

1. You need to create all your categories first, so login to the admin area

2. Navigate to Products/Categories > Categories

3. Click on the New Category button

4. Enter the new category name in the Name field and click Save.

5. If it's to appear underneath another category, select the immediately level above in the Parent Category drop down.

6. The confirmation screen will be displayed


Add products to categories

1. Login to the admin area

2. Navigate to Products/Categories > Products

3. To add a product to a category, you can click the Categories button directly on the product line, or search for a product code via the search box.

4. If you've searched for a category, click the Categories tab to go to the correct page. If you've clicked on the Categories button directly you will be taken to the correct tab automatically.

5. On this page you can then assign the product to as many categories as you need by selecting the check box for that category.

6. Once you've made your selections click Save at the bottom of the page.

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    How do i change the order of the categories? They appear to be alpha. I need "Clearance" to appear at the bottom of the list.

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