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How do I add notes to a product?

You can store product notes via the admin area. Let's take a look how we can add product notes:

Finding a product

1. Log in to the admin area

2. Go to Products/Categories > Products on the left hand menu


3. On the Products page you are shown all the products on your site and a search box.

4. If you have hundreds or thousands of products, it's much quicker to search for your products via product code. TIP: Ensure you enter the full code exactly how it appears on the site. 

5. You will be taken to the page for that particular product. You can enter text, images and embed videos, or even add tables via this screen. For those that dabble in code, you can select View > Source Code and get right at the site's html.

6. Once you've made the changes you like, hit Save to store your notes against the product.

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