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Find Missing Orders with Webninja's Temporary Orders Module

There can be any number of reasons why an order isn't saved or created in the Webninja CMS after the customer submits their order.

Please see this article for more information about the reasons why payment can be received without an order created:

ARTICLE: No Order Created Even When Credit Card Payment Received

Webninja has created a Temporary Orders module to assist you with finding orders that have gone missing after receiving payment.

To access it, log into the CMS of your site, and in the left-hand menu (usually lower down the menu list) click on the link to Temporary Orders:

Once open, you'll see a list of customer names and transaction values which you can use to match-up with the payment's you've received via your merchant account:

You can click on the order reference link on the left to review the order's details same as if it were a standard order - and if it matches the payment details you've received, you can click on "Convert To Order" and it will convert it into a standard order that can be synced into your accounting software same as any other order.

IMPORTANT: You don't need to review this list to try to proactively find orders that "haven't been created" as Temporary Orders are created for a number of different reasons, including customers changing their mind before submitting the order.

This list should ONLY be used to match up a customer's transaction with a payment you've received where there's no corresponding order in your orders list.



 NOTE: This article is only relevant to Web Ninja's Current Generation websites.
If your site was created before that time, it may be possible to implement a temporary orders option, but you will need to contact Webninja support and request that this option is scoped for feasibility and a quote may be required to have it added.

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