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How do I upload data via a spreadsheet? [Optional]

As you probably know by now, there is a lot of data that need to be entered into the site to get it up and running. Whilst a lot of this data imports through your accounting package, you may not have enough extra fields to store this. This is when a spreadsheet upload can help.

Note: If you haven't got this feature on your site, it will be worth having a chat to your Project Manager for sites that are still under development, or log a ticket with our wonderful support staff. 

For those that have it already activated, let's take a look at how we update one.

Updating the spreadsheet

1. Web Ninja would have setup two files for you to utilise. One of them is a excel spreadsheet, the other a csv file. The spreadsheet is where you enter your data, and the csv is what the site reads when syncing.

2. Open the spreadsheet and amend the data as required.

3. Once you've made the changes, save the spreadsheet

4. You now need to create the csv file to send to the site.

5. This will be slightly different depending on what version of excel or spreadsheet software you are using.

6. Save as > csv (comma separated values) format

7. Save this in the same location as the current spreadsheet (this is the location our software is looking for)

8. Run a sync in the admin area and your new data will now be uploaded on the site.

A few things to note

- Not all products that are flagged for the website in your accounting package need to be in the spreadsheet. If it can't find the product code on the site already, it simply will skip it. The CSV import is only utilised for product userfields at the moment, the initial product still needs to exist in your accounting package to import.

- Do not change the order of the columns, as this will break the sync from getting and applying the correct values. If you need to change the order, let us know first.

- Do not change the location or name of the file. We are looking for this particular file name in this particular location.

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