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How do I add product data in the CMS?

If you have run out of room in your accounting package to store product data, you can use the Web Ninja admin area to store additional data against a product. Note: Web Ninja will need to set these up for you if you don't already have them.

Let's take a look how I can find products in the admin and how to add data to them:


Finding a product

1. Log in to the admin area

2. Go to Products/Categories > Products on the left hand menu


3. On the Products page you are shown all the products on your site and a search box.

4. If you have hundreds or thousands of products, it's much quicker to search for your products via product code. TIP: Ensure you enter the full code exactly how it appears on the site. 

5. You will be taken to the page for that particular product

6. On this screen you will see the CodeName and the Description or notes field for the product. To edit the product field data, select the Additional Fields tab along the top.

7. You will see the list of available fields, yours will be different than the screenshot below

8. Some fields are greyed out, this means the data is coming from elsewhere (Accounting Package or CSV). Those that you can edit, you enter your data and Save.

9. Depending on your site setup, some changes will appear immediately on the site, others may require a sync. 

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