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Creating web customers out of Attache

Creating a web customer from a customer in your 'Customer Masterfile' is easy, and can save you a heap of time when creating accounts for your customers.

Let's take a look how we do this:


Setup the Configuration in the site admin area

1. Log in to the admin area

2. Go to Config > Attache


3. Go to 'Customers' tab

4. on Show on Web Field select the Attache field in Customer Masterfile that you'd like to use as a flag. Send Emails will send an email out with a new account creation. So ensure your site is LIVE before selecting this.

5. Select Save

6. Go into Attache Customer Masterfile and ensure there is a Y in every customer that needs a web account. Customer must also have an email address in the email address field.

7. Save the changes to the masterfile and run a sync in the admin area, by going to Sync > Status > Force Sync

8. Once the sync has completed you should have additional accounts on the web, and your customer will have received an email to login to the site.

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