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How do I sort categories?

If you've got category sort enabled on your site, you can tell the website what order the categories and sub-categories appear. Let's take a look how to do this:

Setting the sort order in the admin

1. Login to the admin area

2. Navigate to Products/Categories > Categories

3. You will see the Categories list on the following page. When the category name is indented it means it's a sub-category or third level category etc.

4. To setup the sort order, you need to give each category a number order ie 01,02,03 etc to force the order.

5. To add this data to a category, click on the Edit button

6. Enter your code to force the order how you would like it to appear in the Sort Order field

7. Click Save when done.

8. One final note on this feature, if you don't add a sort order for a category it will force them to the top, as blank fields come before numbers.

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