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How do I create or edit a coupon?

Who does this article apply to?

This guide is for Webninja sites built on our current core system (from 2015 onwards and some some of our sites built in 2014)

If you're unsure which platform your site was built on - please check with your friendly Support Ninjas who can check on your site for you.


This article will guide you through the process of creating a coupon for customers to use on your site. It is only applicable to customers who have the Webninja Online CMS and the coupon module installed.

Coupons are a really good way to give your customers incentive to visit your site for the first time, or to get rid of older stock from your system.

Simply create a coupon code and give it to your customers to enter at the checkout to redeem the offer.


1. Log in to the admin area

2. Select 'Add New Coupon' on the right hand side menus

3. In the 'Add a New Coupon' screen, add the following information:

4. Name is only for internal use and this will display in your coupon list

 5. Code is what you will need to give the end user to enter at the checkout
Please Note: this text is case sensitive and must be entered exactly as setup in this field

6. Description is for internal use and the customer will not see this

7. Type

There are currently 3 different types of coupons available for you to use

  • Percentage Discount
  • Dollar Discount
  • Free Shipping

a) Percentage Discount
   Gives a set percentage discount on the order total (not including shipping)

b) Dollar Discount
    Gives a set dollar discount on the order total (not including shipping)

c) Free Shipping
   Removes the shipping charge from the order

8. Minimum Order - You can set a minimum order amount that the customer must spend before they can use the coupon.  If no minimum order amount is required, you can set it to $0 or leave it blank

9. Number of Uses Allowed - This will restrict how many times the coupon can be used eg the first 50 customers. If there is no limit leave this field blank

10. Number of Uses Allowed Per User - This will restrict how many times one customer can use the coupon. ( based on customer login) For instance if a customer can only use a coupon once, then you would put 1 in this field. If there are no restrictions then leave this field blank.

11. Start and End Dates - You can assign a start date and end date and coupons will only be active between these dates. It is based on 12am of the selected date.
eg If the end date is 21-05-2015 then it will expire at 12am on that date.

You must also ensure that the ACTIVE box is ticked to validate the coupon.

De-activating any saved coupons will make them unusable on the site and they can be switched back on at any stage.

12. Restrictions - You can restrict coupons to include or exclude certain product/s, categories and/or customers.

  • Restricting coupons to Products or categories can only be applied to a coupon with a percentage discount. It allows you to only apply the discount to selected product/s or categories.
    Please Note: You can not apply a restriction to a product AND a category, it needs to be one or the other.

  • Restricting coupons to Customers can be applied to all coupons and can also be used with a product or category restriction

Start typing into any of the fields, and the autofill will complete the search for you. You can click add once you've found the code you want.

  • Excluding items and/or customers. By default the coupon will include selected products or customers in the offer. You can select 'Exclude these' to exclude the codes from the offer or tick the Exclude special products so that the coupon is not applied to already discounted items. (Please note that restrictions to exclude items/customers is an extension to the coupon module and may not be available to all CMS customers)

13. Save Coupon - Select this to save your coupon and allow customers to start using it.



1. Select 'Coupons' on the right hand side menu

2. Select the coupon you'd like to edit by clicking the edit button

3. You can delete a coupon by clicking the delete button.

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