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Attache Import Running Slow

A few tips for optimising the import speed for Attache Software integrations:

  • Is the query running on the same machine as the database? This would be my absolute recommendation. (It could be the network environment. I would expect a straight, single table query like that to run in seconds not minutes, even with tens of thousands of products.)
  • Might I suggest trying pm.Inactive<>-1
  • It is possible that they have a lot of old products that existed before the inactive flag and are null, rather than 0 and this might be causing you some issues.
  • Otherwise: Tools | Company | Data Checks | Compress Database – compress the Product Masterfile.
  • Followed by Tools | Company | Data Checks | Index File Optimiser
  • If their machine is slow, these two tasks may take hours, so a night time thing as everyone needs to be out.
  • If they have not done this for a long time, you might find a massive improvement in speed of the query.

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