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How do setup the order sync?

In order to get your orders back into Attache, the order sync tab must be configured. Let's take a look.

1. Login to admin area

2. Select Configuration > Attache > Orders

3. Complete the setup as per instructions below

Freight Code - Enter the code you use for freight on orders in Attache. If you don't have one currently, setup an item in Attache and enter the code here.

Coupon Code - For customers that utilise the coupon module during checkout, we send the coupon back into Attache as a negative line. As above, setup an item in Attache and enter the code here.

Web Sales Account - For customers that don't have an Attache account code against their web account, enter the default "cash sale" account you'd like those orders going back to here. Most customers use a cash sale or web sale account

Location - If you are utilising locations in Attache, enter the location you'd like to pull stock from when the order writes back. Leave blank for no locations

Quantity Decimal Places - If you are using decimal places for quantities, select how many places from the drop down.

4. Once you've entered your information, click Save.

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